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Bat rolling is an almost undetectable process that can add incredible pop and distance (20’-40’) to any softball or baseball bat when the ball is hit well. Everyone knows that bats get hotter after about the first 500-800 hits. The trouble is, by the time you have put that many hits on the bat it is well on its way to being worn out and has already formed dead spots. By rolling your bat you can enjoy the bat’s maximum potential from the very first swing without putting all the wear and tear on it.

The bat is placed between two rollers and then pressure is applied so that as the bat passes through the rollers the bat’s fibers are stretched out. This causes the fibers to become more flexible which greatly improves the bat’s trampoline effect when the ball hits it resulting in increased batted ball speed and distance. It will make the sweet spot bigger and much more consistent as well.

Can it help Alloy bats? YES! Rolling an Alloy bat with our heated rolling process will even out the bats barrel and eliminate any dead spots that have formed or may form in your barrel. And yes, an alloy bat will form dead spots!

Can I roll a USED bat? YES! Rolling a used bat will eliminate any dead spots that have already formed or begun to form, making each solid hit pack more punch than it did before on a more consistent basis!

If you are interested in this service for your bat, go to 

For more information, please call/text Steve at 515-478-0121.

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