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At Norwalk Small Engine Services, we prioritize preventative maintenance to keep your equipment running smoothly. However, we also understand the importance of fast and affordable repairs when issues do arise. Our team of experts uses their skills and quality parts to provide top-notch servicing and repairs for all your equipment needs. You can trust us to handle any servicing or repair needs you may have, ensuring that your equipment is in good hands. Rely on us to get the job done right and safely.

Annual Maintenance

Regular service is crucial to ensure that your outdoor equipment is performing at its peak. Make sure to schedule your service today

Lithium Battery Upgrade

Upgrade your golf cart's performance with lithium power for longer battery life and increased speed. Make the switch today!

Battery Testing

If you're experiencing slow starting or your engine is not starting at all, we can help. Our team can test your battery to see if it needs to be replaced.

General Repairs

Equipment down? We can help. Our skilled technicians offer prompt and reliable repairs for all types of issues


Having trouble starting or stopping your engine? Our fuel system cleaning service can help! 

Tires & Wheels

Uneven lawn cutting? It might be caused by deflated tires. We offer tire repairs and replacements to guarantee a smooth cut every time.

Blade & Chain Sharpening

Get your lawn in top shape by sharpening your mower blades and chainsaw chains. Bring them in today for a quick tune-up!

Tune Up

Ensure your engine runs smoothly by replacing filters and spark plugs on a regular basis.

Belts & Drive

"Don't let slipping belts cause a breakdown. Contact our experts to replace them and keep your vehicle running smoothly."

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